An Uphill Climb

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An Uphill Climb

Postby Chance » Mon Mar 23, 2015 12:02 am

(DISCLAIMER)To be completely honest I am most likely about to blow a lot of hot air about something that doesn't actually need to be addressed at all.(DISCLAIMER)

I keep seeing on Reddit and this forum people decrying this project. Saying that it is dead or about to die. Maybe it is how ever I would like to suggest that Project Trillek is still alive. The leaders of the project are still, to my understanding, working hard. Currently working on the virtual computer if what I saw on Github is correct.

Those who have been giving the impression that Trillek is dieing or dead have pointed out that only a few people are consistently working on the project, four to six at most, and that because of poor leadership the project will sputter out and eventually die.

This thread is part of my current effort to change that. Trillek is in my opinion a brilliant idea, and I don't believe it should die. Hope fully they will be helpful, here are my suggestions to the leadership of Project Trillek.

1. There needs to be a to-do list somewhere. There is one on this forum, however it hasn't been used since January of 2014. My biggest problem when trying to help with the project is, I don't actually know what I can do to help. I made a chair .obj file once and placed it in the Trello assets board, but that was about a year ago. I want to help, but I don't know what to do.
2. You need to appoint some sort of executive officer. You, the current Leadership Board of Trillek, need to appoint a CEO he or she would do what you wanted he/she to do. The CEO's job would to muster the troops, so to speak. You would tell him what need to be done (or just put it on the to-do list) and the CEO's job would be to track down the members of the community who had the ability to do what needed to be done and assign the job to them, give them the job description, and set a deadline for that particular job to be done by.
3. For those who, because they had to step away from the project for while, or are approaching Project Trillek for the first time; Make it easier to find out how far the project has progressed. Personally I would just download the most current version of the game and look at it but, I am working off of a a laptop with half an internet connection and it is currently held together with scotch tape. Most things give my computer trouble. there may be others like me how ever these are suggestions please take them as such.

the short version

1. you need an active to-do list .
2. you need someone to actively direct those who want to help. (you can do it yourselves you know)
3. you need somewhere to report about the progress of the project.
If none of this is needed or if the above suggestions already exist please tell me. It will help me and others who read this thread get aboard the ship. so to speak.

I am going to update my introduction to so as to include skills I have learned since I was last on here, and to better define those skills I already mentioned.

Trillek leadership

Please respond...
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Re: An Uphill Climb

Postby paul » Thu Mar 26, 2015 4:53 am

My thought in general is that there needs to be some hype generated. I could possibly help but I really need to be interested to actually help.
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Re: An Uphill Climb

Postby adam » Thu Mar 26, 2015 2:35 pm

we are still around and somewhat active. We do have some general goals in the design document, but nothing to granular such as a to-do list. Stay turned for further announcements though in the very near future.
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Re: An Uphill Climb

Postby paul » Thu Mar 26, 2015 7:57 pm

That's cool, thanks. I'm hopeful that there might be something cool to make the project continue in a visible way.
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