Milestone 3 audio assets delivered!

I have no idea where we will take this yet, but we will need it eventually! Background music, lasers, engines, you name it.

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Milestone 3 audio assets delivered!

Postby amplitudeproblem » Tue Dec 10, 2013 8:34 pm

Hi team,

The audio assets for milestone 3 are here! As usual, you can find them at this URL:

This time around, we've added three new songs by yours truly, San Dingo and our talented newcomer Przem. On the sound effects side, we have added the following:

- Yellow alert (ship interior; think "oxygen level just dropped below 100%" or "your toast is burnt")
- Red alert (ship interior; think "your ship is being shredded by horrible individuals who are holding your mother hostage")
- Electrical sparks (ship interior but could work in various places)
- Space suit breathing (slightly nervous but not-yet-panicked player)

Fire up the SoundCloud group:

...and then play some of these sounds while the music is playing. It's fun and gives you an aural picture of what things will sound like in-game.

For the next milestone (4), we're planning on creating some emergency and battle songs as well as more footsteps, some weapons, and DCPU sounds.
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