Trillek group on SoundCloud -- your Trillek radio station!

I have no idea where we will take this yet, but we will need it eventually! Background music, lasers, engines, you name it.

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Trillek group on SoundCloud -- your Trillek radio station!

Postby amplitudeproblem » Tue Nov 12, 2013 4:39 am

Hi all,

Per popular demand, I've created a group on SoundCloud dedicated to Trillek music. Any songs accepted into the game will be posted there, although they may not be the final mixes/masters, though they will be very close. (Also, obviously they won't loop even if they're intended to in-game so they may have alternate endings.) We won't post sound effects there due to their nature. I don't want you jolted by a red alert in the middle of your listening pleasure! :shock: So, head over to SoundCloud, press play and leave it running. :)
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