Backlog of tasks & more distilled info on the wiki please...

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Backlog of tasks & more distilled info on the wiki please...

Postby jherico » Tue Sep 17, 2013 9:15 pm

I that a lot of people, myself included, are asking is 'What can we do?'.

Right now the discussion from the leadership caste only seems to fit into two categories: "Things which aren't up for discussion" and "Things that haven't been decided on". That doesn't leave anything for non-project-leads to do. If it's left that way long enough they'll come back to the boards less and less often until they just stop altogether. I'm all for inhibiting pointless bickering over tools and style guidelines by just mandating a set of standards. I'm also pretty sure anyone who isn't mature enough to live with the fact that their favorite tool or language didn't get used where they wanted it to is someone we can live without. However, if you want to keep the bulk of the developers here engaged, then you need to... you know... keep them engaged.

I feel what's needed right now is something directed to do for people who aren't in a position to make the big decisions about design. Specifically I think there should backlog of tasks that need to be accomplished and that people can look at and start working against. The tasks (at least some of them) should also probably be smaller in scope than 'write a rendering engine for the game' or 'write an editing tool for assets'. There should be lots of potential prototyping tasks to be done that can be done by a single person or small group in a couple of days.

For instance, there was discussion about possible approaches to simulating gravity and the advantages and shortfalls of them. Rather than having a text discussion about it, perhaps a prototyping task could be created that required people implementing it to demonstrate their approach in a variety of common situations, time scales and spatial scales. After enough people had workable prototypes they could compare and discuss the results with a more concrete.

It would also be nice if some of the 'is decided / isn't decided' information made it from the forum to the wiki. Everything that is decided should be listed in one easy to parse place (which a multi-page thread is not). Everything that isn't decided should at least be listed, and probably turned into one or more prototyping tasks, or at least a list of alternatives we're considering. People writing prototypes (well, me anyway) are going to be fine with writing throwaway code, just as long as they're getting to contribute in some fashion.
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Re: Backlog of tasks & more distilled info on the wiki pleas

Postby wrongu » Wed Sep 18, 2013 12:03 am


I also agree with gravity sims being an interesting place to start prototyping, but why stop there? Much of the undecided content could follow a similar pattern. Pick a few options and the many talented devs can prototype things. Note that this not putting the cart before the horse if the horse is in danger of losing interest over time. I'm not great at metaphors.
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Re: Backlog of tasks & more distilled info on the wiki pleas

Postby adam » Wed Sep 18, 2013 12:07 am

You can do lots. For example describe the ways in which docking a ship could happen. give a step by step run down. Describing how various tasks or systems could be done well go a long way toward making design documents. The more technical the better.
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