TEB &CO - Recruiting!

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TEB &CO - Recruiting!

Postby TheEpicBlob » Mon Mar 24, 2014 10:36 pm

TEB &CO - "We will endeavour to provide communication, infrastructure and life to the universe as it should be".

What is TEB &CO -
TEB &CO, is an organisation that spans the planes of real-life to here and beyond. We are a community based organisation, with a few goals, that will improve the life of the citizens and companies of the universe.

What we do -
We are looking to provide vast communication links to everyone, free of charge and we are looking to provide an infrastructure that can be built upon for the masses. We’re here for you! Making communication easy and enjoyable.

What are our goals (in a more listed manner) -
  • Provide communication hardware to most areas,
  • Provide effective software for using existing networks and our own,
  • Provide an infrastructure for everyone to use,
  • To ensure our community members are happy(!),
  • Be Awesome
and a plenty of epic projects in real-life!

What are we looking for -
We are looking for people, like yourself, to lend us your expertise in any field, ranging from in-game skills such as developers to ship designers to miners; to people with knowledge in web development, Law, Monetary systems and Human Resources - Quite simply, we need you!

We’d want people to feel enthusiastic and happy when working with us, but that doesn't always happen, so we've set up a full HR (Human Resources) Department to manage internal affairs, to keep you happy and better yourself in later days!

We’d love to see you apply, to become something of a legend in game, and who knows, out of game! Would you be happy to say “I did that” when people are using your software and hardware?

Benefits -
We love to give back to the community and staff that's why we run a rewards scheme and benefits system!
  • TEB &CO will provide full support (where possible) to staff members with personal projects, whether this be real life or in-game
  • Providing unrestricted access to all TEB &CO products and services, both in-game and real-life
  • Providing monetary incentives
  • In game company stock
  • Free items and vessels
  • Milestone rewards (both in game and real life) for showing loyalty and longevity
  • Access to Domain Pools and Web Resources
  • Commission based bonuses and Target Met bonuses
  • Free clothing items (because why not?)
This is just a few and there's too many to list! This is available to all staff, not just VP's, Newbies or those working on real-life projects!

To sign up or show some interest come on and apply to sign up to TEB &CO! It's free!
We've got the phone-lines manned and ready to take your application and you to the next level!

What are you waiting for? Join something epic. Become even more awesome.
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Recruiting Human Resources!

Postby TheEpicBlob » Tue Mar 25, 2014 9:15 pm

TEB &CO is recruiting for its Virtual Departments!
When applying for the below positions, please ensure that you can meet the minimum requirements and read the whole document. The following requirements must be met for all applications.

  • Over the Age of 16
  • Have the ability to work more than 10hours a week (that's two hours a day) on TEB &CO Projects
  • Be Literate in both the English Written and Spoken Language
  • Be able to communicate via voice
  • A good understanding of the businesses environment and awareness of real world events
The above list may change from time to time and without notice, so please check every time prior to applying. Particular positions may require alterations (such as longer hours, an increased age limit) to the above criteria and will state this in the description of the job.
Certain positions may require a CV, Résumé, portfolio (or proof or previous work) and references and will be stated in the description of the job.
Your job title will not limit your duties and the organisation may require you from time to time to do any work within your capacity.

TEB &CO are currently looking for:
A Human Resources Manager

Human Resources Manager:
Job Title: Human Resources Director (HR-D)
Your duties will include: (but not limited to)
The interviewing of prospective applicants for the whole organisation of TEB &CO, the management of staff members, the allocation of funds, wages and remuneration packages for staff members, the handling of disputes, complains and concerns of staff members, the organisation of the Human Resources Department and the organisation of events.
Expected Hours of work: Over 15 hours a week. You should ensure that you can meet this requirement prior to applying.
Age required: 18 Years and up. We will consider strong applicants if you are under the age of 18.
Experience: Experience is not essential but will strengthen your application if this can be demonstrated.
Job brief: You will be working with all members of the TEB &CO group. You should be a good team leader and the ability to teach and work with others, you would be expected to build your own department and be responsible for that along with the full hiring and recruitment processes. You would then take over the recruitment process for TEB &CO as a whole with the assistance from your department-members and look after all features of Human Resources. You must show a good moral understanding and a desire for development.
Final notes:Good luck to applicants, its some big boots to be filled!
Closing date: Until filled

To apply for the above position of Human Resources Director, please write to myself via PM (TheEpicBlob) and enclose a covering letter, a CV or respective document, along with stating your Age, Location (or time zone) and your current occupation and any experience (and proof) of working as team member and being a leader of a team or group. Please set the subject as "Human Resources Director Applicant".
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