I come in peace:Chance

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I come in peace:Chance

Postby Chance » Thu Mar 06, 2014 1:14 am

I found this because a friend told me about it and i thought it sounded great. I have watched/read much science fiction and I am an avid gamer ,at least in the games I have.
I really hope my contributions will be appreciated and really hope to help in any way I can

Edit: I found a thread that I should put my credentials up here so here it goes

when I was younger Two years ago I aspired to become a Video game designer at that time I downloaded two programs Game-maker from yoyogames and Blender I still have no idea how to use the latter besides a few basics and Game-Maker has givien. Currently I put my creative tendencies to writing so that's where i will most likely go but, I know myself I will end up trying to help and contribute as much as possible everywhere I can. so sorry if I get a little obnoxious.

I am a science-fiction geek I've watched every episode of Star Trek at least once read the all of Asimov's Foundation series seen all of Babylon 5, The original Battlestar Galatica, and select episodes of Stargate. I have a lot of ideas and an energetic mind.

I really hope to help make this game great.
Chess is a sport. A violent sport. - Marcel Duchamp.
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Re: I come in peace:Chance

Postby sameer4 » Thu Nov 27, 2014 4:19 am

Hello! My name is Seabass, I was also on the 0x10c forums, if you remember me from there.

If you don't, or just don't know me, I will state this again, I'm not above black market beagles.
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