[TODO]Interior Design/Objects for Starter Ships

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[TODO]Interior Design/Objects for Starter Ships

Postby clonk2u » Sun Jul 06, 2014 3:53 am

Well, the coders are doing their witchery and weaving words into a game, so Its time we start ramping up art assets.What we need the most right now is objects to start giving the game flavor.

So, what objects does Trillek need?


------------------------The Following Are Designed To be Modules, Not Rooms------------------------

------------Do Whatever You want on this list, don't do anything you do not want to do-----------

--------------This List Is not High Priority and modeling objects has no schedule ATM--------------

-----Texturing the objects is not as important at the moment, but feel free to add textures----

Storage Objects:
[*]Locker for Personal Effects/Weaponry
[*]Wall Mounted Rack for Weaponry and Tools
[*]Battery Rack
[*]Fuel Containers (Oxygen/Nitrogen/Argon/Water)
[*]Spacesuit Storage Rack

Ship Equipment:
[*]Air Filter (This Can be either Wall Mounted or Floor Mounted)
[*]Command Chair(This can be any sort of Control Station you can think of, but seriously, don't feel you have to do this one, as it is rather difficult)
[*]Engine Maintenance and Check Up station(this should have some panels for display, anything else is up to your own artistic vision)
[*]Turret Contol Station(should be somewhat similar to the command area)
[*]Radio Area(doesn't have to be a room, but rather something like a wall mounted table and some stuff lying about)
[*]Lights(Can be designed to be ceiling/floor/wall mounted)
[*]A chair(any old chair will do)
[*]Pieces of wire to run along the walls(Purely Aesthetic at this point in time)

List Is Dynamic and Will change According to needs

Please post any Ideas/Questions/Thoughts/Models you have relating to this in the same thread
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Re: [TODO]Interior Design/Objects for Starter Ships

Postby FrostySpaceFox » Thu Sep 18, 2014 11:05 pm

Multi use monitors wouldn't go amiss. That show a compass and artificial horizon or views of the outside.
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