Customizable Torpedoes

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Customizable Torpedoes

Postby evanator66 » Fri Feb 21, 2014 8:28 pm

My idea is that there should be a station, where you can assemble and modify torpedoes. That way you could have RC torpedoes, shrapnel torpedoes, long distance torpedoes, magnetic torpedoes, computer virus torpedoes, biohazard torpedoes, EMP torpedoes, nuclear torpedoes, chemical torpedoes, sabotage robot torpedoes (think buzz droids from star wars), seeking torpedoes, decoy torpedoes, minelayer torpedoes, scout torpedoes, mutation causing torpedoes, etc., etc., etc.
and a combination of them! You do have to buy the (player made)plans for advanced components individually and once you fire a torpedo it is gone. However, the station actually just makes schematics which can be sent to a computer or fabricator. The components could be made in a custom microchip station or something and the plans could be up/downloaded from the codex.
The sabotage droid torpedoes and computer virus torpedoes would be the coolest/funniest because you could prank people pretty easy with it. i.e. screw with their computer without them knowing
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