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Re: Modified Story v.2

Postby Tamer » Thu Mar 20, 2014 10:27 pm

define "fairly effectively."
like I said before, going the speed of light or any speed less than that is not practical for gameplay. any interstellar travel would take far too long. do you mean it travels 50% to 80% faster than the speed of light?
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Re: Modified Story v.2

Postby Xiar » Thu Mar 20, 2014 11:00 pm

Basically I was doing some calculation on how to get an orion class vessel
to 50% light speed using only 10 nukes. Quite simply the forces exerted were enormous, no simple spring
based dampening contraption would be able to handle one let alone 10 sequential blasts long enough to
keep the pilot alive.

However, since this is a game, that means we don't have to follow reality all the time. We basically create this
cockpit and tell the player that it works. So basically the player waits 10-20 seconds in this cockpit for the orion to quickly speed up and afterwards they are going 50% to 80% speed of light.
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Re: Modified Story v.2

Postby croxis » Mon Mar 24, 2014 4:22 pm

I've always preferred putting the setting in a humans just starting to colonize other world. Like you said it doesn't have some of the problems that more traditional space opera settings have. Such as a 5 billion population homeworld should have at least tens of thousands of ships and stations in orbit and going between the well established colonies in the same system. Quick benchmarks show that my vps can run a server with a max of 700 virtual cpus.

It also offers some cool gamestart options. A player or server can choose to start a few decades after the initial colonization have have some infrastructure in place when they start; to the player or sever arriving with the first wave of colonists where the forward scouts have done initial surveys but little infrastructure work; to the player being that forward scout party and arriving alone (or with their friends) in an untouched and unknown system. It can also mean that there are semi-regular waves of new colonists, ships, and even technology, over time. Or the whole npc colonization mechanic can be disabled for a solo sp experience or pure pvp or pwp mp experience (pwp= player with player).

For a game like this less is more imho. Really all I need to know is that I am a player helping humanity colonizing a new star system. If mars hates me or not isn't going to be too important to me. That part of the back story could help seed faction based gameplay if such is added down the road.

One option I used in my DD is that FTL was just discovered and requires expansive infrastructure to put together. The engine "burns up" on use like a heat shield does so when any ship arrives they have nothing more than some scrap material attached to their ship. The new system doesn't have the infrastructure to build new engines (this could be an option for end game gameplay). Our real space probes cpus are hardened, which means they are quite slow. The virtual cpus have to be so hardened for interstellar flight they operate at 100 kHz. If we have stasis pod gameplay we can add a little biostasis to the journey back story as well.
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Re: Modified Story v.2

Postby Xiar » Mon Mar 24, 2014 8:35 pm

Unfortunately, after discussing my ides with Shane it was concluded that I am to no longer work on the games background story and possibly all stories relating to the game.

Since Trillek has been Shane's baby project from the beginning, he has had his own views on what he wants the background story to be like. While he appreciated my willingness to help, he informed me that he wishes to work on the back-story on his own. While a little frustrating, I can understand his apprehension, he has likely been working on Trilleks back-story ever since its first inception and having someone new come and possibly wreck his vision is difficult for any creator to accept.

As such I remove myself from the background story, and wish Shane good luck!
Despite this setback, I am still more then open to help with Trillek in any any way I can.
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Re: Modified Story v.2

Postby ConnorY71 » Mon Mar 24, 2014 9:34 pm

Come over to 'Ideas, Concept & Suggestions', we have science, and lots of it. :D

we also have magical pseudo-science, but we must not speak of such things
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