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NPC Speech Library

Postby Talvi » Mon Sep 30, 2013 11:32 am

We're going to need a thread at some point to keep track of what libraries we have for NPC speech, so starting one here seems like a good idea.

Yesterday I wrote this up: - a list of phrases random NPCs could say when you pass them in the streets. It feels heavy on prejudice towards offworlders... which I imagine might be how things are if huge portions of humanity were kept isolated from each other - kind of like the "white devils" of the Chinese, when Europeans first visited them.

It's far from being finished, completely unsorted, and nothing in it is final, but DarkSpartan didn't disapprove of it (he asked for it, too), so I'm guessing it's a go. Or, that it will be when I'm done.

EDIT 10/1/2013: Updated, here:
Now completely sorted. NPCs have "politeness levels" that could be potentially randomly generated when a planet is first loaded, so a guy doesn't insult you and then ask you out to dinner - also theming planets as to how receptive they are towards visitors. NPCs can recognize whether you're a male or a female, and act accordingly.

I wrote a little program to test it out. Weighted values are 1,3,9,18, weighting their responses towards the good end, or towards the bad end. Neutral values are 1,3,9,3.
planettype = happy
you are a female

Female NPC: Hey! Great to meet you! Always nice to see a new face.
Female NPC: Do you have a ship?
Female NPC: Great to see you!
Female NPC: If you come by later, I'll buy you a drink.
Female NPC: You wanted something?
Male NPC: Seeing you could brighten my darkest nights.
Female NPC: Can I have your autograph?
Male NPC: I'm so glad to meet you.
Female NPC: You're a foreigner, right?
Female NPC: Hello, citizen!
Male NPC: Well, hello!
Female NPC: Hey there! Always nice to see new faces.
Male NPC: I'm glad I saw you.
Male NPC: If you come by later, I'll buy you a drink.
Female NPC: Are you new here? Don't worry, it's a bit to get used to, but you'll love it too.

planettype = neutral
you are a male

Female NPC: Your clothes are a bit odd...
Female NPC: Didn't your parents tell you not to talk to strangers?
Male NPC: I need to get by.
Female NPC: Nice hair.
Male NPC: I'm innocent!
Female NPC: Great to meet you! How are you?
Female NPC: Well, hello, handsome.
Male NPC: Please do not bother me.
Male NPC: Ask yourself: Why am I talking to random strangers?
Male NPC: I'm exhausted right now.
Female NPC: This is ridiculous. Why do people keep stopping me to talk?
Female NPC: Have a good day today.
Female NPC: Hello, sir.
Male NPC: So... where are you from?
Male NPC: Hey... yeah, good to meet you, too.

planettype = mean
you are a female

Female NPC: No offense... but get away from me.
Male NPC: Begone, beggar.
Male NPC: Have you checked through customs and immigration?
Female NPC: My time is too valuable to spend it chit-chatting.
Female NPC: I don't deal with people like you.
Male NPC: Does the word 'rude' mean anything to you?
Female NPC: You look like a thief.
Female NPC: Scram. Now.
Male NPC: You remind me of the moon... you have roughly the same mass.
Male NPC: Please do not bother me with your trivial matters.
Female NPC: You shouldn't be talking to me.
Female NPC: Get the fuck out of my way.
Female NPC: No offense... but get away from me.
Female NPC: No offense, but... I take offense from you being here.
Male NPC: Go die.

It's not possible to keep them from randomly giving you the same answers unless you have an array that keeps track of which strings have been used so far, and disallow them from being used again - but it's incredibly simple to take care of. This is just buttonholing people, though - I'll start working on other stuff tomorrow.
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Re: NPC Speech Library

Postby evanator66 » Fri Feb 21, 2014 7:53 pm

Here's some dialogue for shops, in the same style. No male/female distinction.
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Re: NPC Speech Library

Postby Tamer » Sun Mar 02, 2014 1:50 am

I would very much prefer it if no one swore...
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