The A.I. revolution (background story)

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The A.I. revolution (background story)

Postby radar37 » Fri Sep 27, 2013 4:36 am

Here's my take on a background story.

It’s far into the future and humanity has been living comfortably for a few decades with artificial intelligence doing everything from farming to making ships to making/repairing (intelligent) robots. Very few humans have to work because of this. All is well until one day the robots turn on humanity (Why?) and is left scrambling to defend itself. Humanity pulls itself together and throws itself into an all-out war. Early on in the war a group of computer scientists develop a powerful computer virus (the Trillek virus) that will destroy any hardware that can run it. The Trillek virus also wipes any memory bank it finds. The government of earth realizes that not only will the Trillek virus wipe out the AI's but also a bulk of humanity's technology as well and quickly forbids its use. The war goes on for several years and humanity becomes so weak that order breaks down. In this time, earth as well as all of its digitized knowledge is captured by the AI, leaving humanity scattered amongst the surrounding star systems. With only ~30% of humanity left, the few that know about the virus get together and decide that the continuation of humanity is more important than its technology and release the virus. The virus works as planned and all (to the best of humanity’s knowledge) the AIs are wiped out. In the process, all of humanity’s digitized knowledge is wiped out as well, pushing humanity back many centuries (perhaps even millennia). Humanity turns barbaric as it tries to uncover what it lost.

A few notes:
-the Trillek virus had to target every type of computer because otherwise the AI’s could pretend to be a computer that the virus ignores, thus nullifying it.
-DCPUs were spared because they are not powerful enough to run the virus. After the war, the remaining starships were retro-fitted with DCPUs and other 16-bit computers to replace the infected(and destroyed) 32 to 1024 bit computers.
-at this time in the future, almost all of humanity’s knowledge is kept on earth. They reasoned that since earth is at the center of the “civilized star systems,” it could be protected in the event of an alien attack.

Let me know what you guys think, I love feedback.
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Re: The A.I. revolution (background story)

Postby Talvi » Fri Sep 27, 2013 9:59 pm

I like how humanity turns barbaric - it seems realistic... The start, though - humanity being attacked by AI - reminds me strongly of the Quarians and Geth in the Mass Effect series (and of the Terminator series, and certain Asimov works, etc). Wrongu and I came up with a slightly different version where it's the other way around - humanity is enslaved by an AI (or aliens) for as long as they can remember. Eventually a group manages to escape and begins to build colonies and computer technology back to where it had previously been.

Yours works, really, on initial analysis... We'd still need a reason to wipe out Earth, as we don't want to include it in the game, as far as I know... I'm also pretty sure we want to include some sort of "major enemy". Apart from the admittedly cliche "robots turning on us" theme, it seems to work. I'm not totally against it myself, but I'd want to come up with some way to make it a little more unique.

From a writing perspective, it would be difficult to build any compelling lore substories off of yours, too, come to think of it, as all knowledge is lost when the war is ended.
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