Art direction

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Art direction

Postby FrostySpaceFox » Thu Sep 18, 2014 11:03 pm

I'm going to try and keep this short.

Ascetics are incredibly important, in fact. It right up there above Polygons, game play or even sound at the very start of development. (Is there a team speak or Skype meeting once a month at lest?)

In the mean time. I have a few ideas that might add up to a stunning visual design

Take the following. Minecraft's clean crisp edges

Or "no mans sky bright modern 80's colour pallet. Or even this.. Drift stage

Not as brash but imagine a 3/4 rear shot of a ship. With two massive engines bright yellow hot, the centre of the them turning slowing small with the odd square spark gently spitting in an ark to ground. With it's smooth sleek f-18 style body and euro jet wings. Big Russian looking landing lands. You get inside and walk to the bridge. Many buttons and multi use monitors glow dimly in the mellow light of the windowless cockpits. You set the monitors just the way you want them. With views of the outside showing a misty morning on a-44 Lilly. On one. General engine stats and DPCU 16 on another two. The engines rawr and your taken away with incredible force. The sound is absolutely deafening and your view is shaken. Almost unable to read the instruments. You're going so fast you burn though the atmosphere and your soon in space. Plotting an orbit projectory. You catch the sunrise on the curvature of the lush forest planet as your ship rolls over in the outside view.

TRILLECK. Your destination? What you want it to be.
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