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Re: Shields

Postby croxis » Thu Mar 06, 2014 12:41 am

Territory. Ejected cargo. Dealing more damage to the other p

Let me put it this way. Why should I invest any time at all in making a custom ship if I will end up losing it? If I do invest time into my ship I will become more avoidance To risk. I would much rather have mechanics that encourage that player ship relationship and customization. Not punish it. If ships become too easy to replace or clone then we list that for fly feel. I would rather encourage players to develop their ship and give up piracy mechanics I'd I had to choose.
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Re: Shields

Postby Chance » Sat Mar 08, 2014 5:28 am

I came up for a idea so that the loser keeps his ship but looses all his cargo but it may need a little working over. so you have your two enemy ships fighting each other and one ship is about to loose, its shields are down and has taken a vast amount of physical damage. This could turn into a cut-scene or something, the character with no other choice presses the big red button which activates an emergency hyper-jump(or what ever it ends up being) to a predesignated point. The reason this type of jump is only used in emergencies is because any thing not bolted down to the ship is left behind (cargo,ammunition,etc)

Now the first problem; what keeps the player from being left behind with the cargo(he's not bolted to the ship is he) well maybe the action burns his finger to the button, that way the player is connected to the ship on a nearly molecular level (and its another reason not to use it except in emergencies)

If anyone else finds a flaw in this possibility please tell me.
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