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Thank you all for coming. Please post, in the Introduction forum, a brief introduction about yourself, maybe your background, and what your skill set is.

As you probably have noticed, the development forums are read only for all new users. This is because you haven't yet applied for your preferred group. Every member that wants to contribute something to the project (besides ideas, you can post those already) should apply for membership in their corresponding usergroup. You may only choose 1 usergroup as your primary, however once in ANY group you may post to any other forum.

The only reason that we ask you join only one is to better gauge group size and strength/active participation. If later down you wish to change primary group you may do so freely.

· How to apply
In order to join a team, go to the User Control Panel -> User Groups and then check which group you wish to join.

After the first of each month all users who have not been active on the forum will be removed from their usergroup. This doesn't revoke your privileges to view the forum. Nor will it prevent you from rejoining, but again it will allow us to gauge current size and strength of each group.
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