Temporary change of Command

Temporary change of Command

Postby DarkSpartan » Sat Sep 14, 2013 6:35 am

The following is a short snippet of IRC log from 13SEP13 (all times are PDT/GMT-8)

[23:05] <ShaneDalton> Attention all
[23:05] <ShaneDalton> I'm afraid I will be away for a while (1-2 weeks at most) due to major family issue
[23:05] <ShaneDalton> s
[23:06] <hackhalo2> well, you have my condolences
[23:06] <ShaneDalton> DarkSpartan, will be taking temporary project lead in my absence
[23:06] <DarkSpartan> We're starting the redesign.
[23:06] <DarkSpartan> Done.
[23:07] <ShaneDalton> I will still at any chance I can get look at the forums, though I cannot guarantee it
[23:07] <ShaneDalton> Goodbye for now, peace be with you and see you all soon
[23:07] <DarkSpartan> I'll step to Lead Design when you get back

More news to follow.
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Re: Temporary change of Command

Postby ShaneDalton » Sat Sep 14, 2013 9:45 am

I can confirm this, I'm unable to say why at the moment but I'm not leaving not at all.

We have milestones and dates set up so we're on task and still working.

Thank you for your understanding,
Shane Dalton

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Project Lead
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