Randomized Dungeons

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Randomized Dungeons

Postby Nerf » Fri Mar 14, 2014 1:06 am

I believe a way to keep the game going would be to have randomized dungeons. Minecraft tried to do this, and in my opinion, failed. The mine shafts are predictable, the strongholds are too. If the developers could get the game to, lets say, the level of Skyrim, with randomization, would be incredible. It would also be nice if they had randomized loot and such.

Something sweet would be a way of missions that isn't MMO-ish, if you know what I mean (like "Kill 5 orcs" ect.) If they would be progressive missions that had multiple steps and you had to think them out, that would keep the gameplay fresh. It would be cool if you added in-game campaigns and co-op ones too.

If the game developers decide to go down the path of skill trees, or heavily customized gameplay, they should keep it balanced. If they make one way or another better, then it will turn into "Oh my guns better than yours go make it." I think customization and skills are awesome, but keep it working.

Give me some feedback! :D
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Re: Randomized Dungeons

Postby BonQ » Sat Mar 22, 2014 1:04 am

It sounds good but If we going to star doing RPG stuff, like dungeons with item like: Superduper Plazma Pistof of Notch +15 that would kill the game. Of course that would be big boom, but after a while our game become yet another RPG, but slightly different.

Game will be in space, you could always get some mining stuff. But game is inspired on 0x10c and I don't like idea of 10 guys with SPPoN+15 as turrets in theirs ships xD

If we start with stats Trillek will become another stat based game and strict RPG game and balancing everything will take forever.
Example: Minecraft is no RPG material it's a sandbox about mining and developing tools, that's why enchanting and lvl-ing didn't work out. I much more like to do some crazy stuff with redstone then lvl-ing and killing tons of "something".
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Re: Randomized Dungeons

Postby Nadrieril » Sat Mar 22, 2014 9:35 am

On the contrary, I believe Minecraft managed to add some RPG-like gameplay without becoming a stat based game, thanks to the limits on level/enchanting/etc. It adds to the survival experience without giving an unfair advantage to people who play more. So, as much as I agree real RPG stuff does not fit in Trillek, I wouldn't rule out every RPG mechanic too fast. Dungeons are still too much RPG, though.
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