Ship editor and crafting system discussed on#project-trillek

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Ship editor and crafting system discussed on#project-trillek

Postby VladVP » Wed Jan 08, 2014 7:53 pm

Not much to say, just read at will:
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[20:02] <danix111> Hey MrOverkill.
[20:02] <MrOverkill> hey danix111
[20:02] <MrOverkill> Getting progress done on Ship Editor v2
[20:03] <MrOverkill> btw, adam4813|mobile, MS2!  Awesome@
[20:03] <MrOverkill> *Awesome!
01[20:13] <VladVP> ship editor?
01[20:13] <VladVP> we will have a ship editor?
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[20:18] <MrOverkill> VladVP, Of course!  Didn't you read SU9?
[20:19] <MrOverkill>
01[20:19] <VladVP> I never read those
01[20:19] <VladVP> do we have RSS feeds?
[20:19] <MrOverkill> idk
[20:19] <danix111> Yes.
01[20:19] <VladVP> oh, where?
[20:19] <MrOverkill> Well, basically i'm writing a Ship Editor that exports JSON Sigma can read.  Probably.
[20:20] <danix111> VladVP:
01[20:20] <VladVP> I was hoping for a way to build ships through some kind of large-scale crafting system
01[20:20] <VladVP> like minecraft
01[20:20] <VladVP> just more gmod
[20:22] <MrOverkill> If I can ever figure out C++ or get them to use Java, I'd love to write that into the core game.
[20:22] <danix111> Anyone remember the 0x10c ship editor?
[20:22] <danix111>
01[20:23] <VladVP> I do
01[20:23] <VladVP> Herobrine copied the code from notch's livestream and made his own
[20:23] <MrOverkill> Never seen it but it looks like something I could write if people wanted the ships to look like that.
[20:23] <Meisaka> vaguely
01[20:23] <VladVP> MrOverkill: NO
01[20:23] <VladVP> NO
01[20:23] <VladVP> NEVER
01[20:23] <VladVP> ANYTHING
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01[20:23] <VladVP> LIKE THAT
[20:23] <danix111> VladVP: Not that one.
[20:23] <MrOverkill> LOL
[20:23] <danix111> That one I posted screenshot of.
01[20:24] <VladVP> Isn't that it?
[20:24] <danix111> Nope, that one you were talking about was a very early prototype made around when 0x10c started.
01[20:24] <VladVP> and this one is...?
[20:25] <danix111> Something Notch worked on much later.
01[20:25] <VladVP> I see then
[20:25] <MrOverkill> So.. Don't make it look like that screenshot?
01[20:25] <VladVP> never
01[20:25] <VladVP> dude
01[20:25] <VladVP> do you have Garryøs Mod?
01[20:26] <VladVP> Garry's*
[20:26] <MrOverkill> Yes
01[20:27] <VladVP> go build a car, a spaceship, (and also spawn a bunch of headcrabs and try to kill them from long range only using the revolver)
[20:27] <MrOverkill> but a physgun is WAY too complicated to make without a completely implemented physics engine and many other components.
[20:27] <MrOverkill> And even then it's probably more effort than it's worth.
01[20:28] <VladVP> We already have a partially implemented physics engine
01[20:28] <VladVP> and a physgun is wasy
01[20:28] <VladVP> c'mon
[20:28] <MrOverkill> I have an idea for something much cooler.
01[20:28] <VladVP> >detect what the user is aiming at
[20:28] <MrOverkill> It involves much more realism.
01[20:28] <VladVP> >change position and orientation relative to user
01[20:28] <VladVP> oh?
01[20:28] <VladVP> more realism is good
01[20:28] <VladVP> what's your iddea?
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[20:29] <MrOverkill> The in-game system will basically be using computers to print out schematics which fabricators will read to create a ship.
[20:29] <MrOverkill> and then you use the fabricators to build parts and extend it.
01[20:29] <VladVP> and how are those fabricators going to create the ships...?
01[20:29] <VladVP> and parts
[20:29] <MrOverkill> by welding pieces together.
01[20:30] <VladVP> you can do that in gmod
01[20:30] <VladVP> just not very realistic xD
01[20:30] <VladVP> we could force players to actually weld stuff
01[20:30] <VladVP> that would be awesome to spend time on
01[20:30] <VladVP> or make in-game money off
[20:31] <MrOverkill> The idea would be that a ship is like a voxel model that is constructed of small pieces like wall, corner, etc... and for EXTENDING the ship you have to fly the parts out to the ship and weld them manually.
01[20:31] <VladVP> That's already what you're doing in gmod
01[20:31] <VladVP> so
01[20:31] <VladVP> okay then
01[20:31] <VladVP> we have a crafting system for ships now then?
[20:31] <MrOverkill> that's the idea.
01[20:31] <VladVP> gmod-style?
[20:32] <MrOverkill> what I just described
01[20:32] <VladVP> gravity guns instead of physguns is okay with me
01[20:32] <VladVP> okay then
[20:32] <MrOverkill> So, here's how making a ship would work
01[20:32] <VladVP> now we're just facing one little problem
01[20:32] <VladVP> MAKING PARTS
01[20:32] <VladVP> And the answer to this one is obvious:
01[20:33] <VladVP> 3D-PRINTING
01[20:33] <VladVP> eh? eh?
[20:33] <MrOverkill> you go to your computer, which is either hooked up to a fabricator or a printer, and design your ship by stitching parts together in layers.  Then the fabricator is fed the info and essentially 3d-prints your ship based off of the positions for parts that you defined
[20:33] <MrOverkill> and for parts, you import models.
01[20:33] <VladVP> fair enough
01[20:34] <VladVP> external or internal 3d-modelling programs?
[20:34] <MrOverkill> external modelling programs
01[20:34] <VladVP> hm
[20:34] <MrOverkill> internal model stitching programs
01[20:34] <VladVP> we will have to discuss that one at some point
01[20:34] <VladVP> but for now that's okay I guess
01[20:34] <VladVP> also
01[20:35] <VladVP> Soldering?
01[20:35] <VladVP> So you can design your own microchips
01[20:35] <VladVP> and also industrial solders that can sold huge microchips for you
01[20:35] <VladVP> automatically
01[20:35] <VladVP> eh? eh?
[20:36] <MrOverkill> and then to extend a ship, you seal off the area you plan to extend, bring the extension over, and "weld" ( AKA stitch ) the parts to the ship, then you seal the airlock and make it part of the ship
[20:36] <MrOverkill> and a microchip system is a great idea!
01[20:36] <VladVP> uhm
01[20:36] <VladVP> wtf
01[20:36] <VladVP> I thought you could just park it in a hangar and do it from there
[20:37] <MrOverkill> so, a chip would have a specified set of inputs and outputs, and bigger ships hold more instructions?
01[20:37] <VladVP> instructions?
[20:37] <MrOverkill> usually, but what if you want to make a ship big enough to have a hangar of it's own?
01[20:37] <VladVP> oh, you mean preassembled chips?
01[20:37] <VladVP> in that case, both options should be available
[20:37] <MrOverkill> yes you assemble a chip that has pre-defined instructions and has inputs and outputs!
01[20:38] <VladVP> pre-defined instructions?
[20:38] <MrOverkill> and of course, if it's small enough you could extend it in the hangar, but i'm talking massive warships here.
01[20:38] <VladVP> good point
01[20:38] <VladVP> I was talking medium-sized freighters xD
[20:39] <MrOverkill> yes, a simple scripting language we can make that basically defines how the ships respond to input and output.
01[20:39] <VladVP> wot
01[20:39] <VladVP> no no no
[20:39] <MrOverkill> no?
01[20:39] <VladVP> You completely misunderstood me
[20:39] <MrOverkill> oh
01[20:39] <VladVP> I thought about an interface where you could literally SOLD microtechnical parts onto a silicon chip
01[20:40] <VladVP> eh?
[20:40] <MrOverkill> So.. you literally build a chip?
01[20:40] <VladVP> yup
01[20:40] <VladVP> and for huge chips that would otherwise take weeks if not months
[20:40] <MrOverkill> you realize for that we literally have to simulate electricity?
01[20:40] <VladVP> we will have industrial solderers
01[20:41] <VladVP> MrOverkill we could just have logic gates?
[20:41] <MrOverkill> ah so kind of like a better wiremod?
01[20:41] <VladVP> hm
01[20:41] <VladVP> good perspective!
01[20:41] <VladVP> yeah, basically
01[20:41] <VladVP> speaking of wires
[20:41] <MrOverkill> yeah i coulf go for that
[20:41] <MrOverkill> *could
01[20:41] <VladVP> we should definitely have wires and cables to connect the shite
01[20:41] <VladVP> colour coding!
[20:42] <MrOverkill> yeah
01[20:42] <VladVP> well
01[20:42] <VladVP> so
01[20:42] <VladVP> 3 different crafting systems in one?
01[20:42] <VladVP> I love it!
[20:42] <MrOverkill> IKR!
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Re: Ship editor and crafting system discussed on#project-tri

Postby ConnorY71 » Wed Jan 08, 2014 10:03 pm

Logic gates are definitely something I want to see in Trillek, but if the ability to construct circuits exists in the game, I'd like to be able to build other devices like power converters, joule thiefs and the like. I think either go all out with simulating electricity or have pre-built integrated circuits (like a 7408 chip) to include logic gates. That's just my opinion.
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