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Getting the Player Involved

Postby ShaneDalton » Fri Dec 13, 2013 2:14 pm

So, this may or may not be related to Trillek but I feel this is a design issue in many games that really bores me to death.

Long cutscenes, now let me clarify long cutscene sequences are good if they involve the player with choices during the sequences (i.e. Mass effect, most rpgs and Telltale Games) however I have this griping issue that at the start of a game a long cutscene is played explaining the story and introducing the characters that you'll be working with for x amount of hours. But, unless something REALLY engaging is happening I just get bored and that reduces my want to continue and play.

Why not introduce these characters and basis story in a more gameplay form? (I.e. KOTOR 1/2, Oblivion and some other game not coming to my head) Don't show plot devices through a camera, have the player feel like they are interacting with the device and attaching that player to that Device. This creates a personal and emotional investment in the story and intrigues the player to continue.

Another area of this is story presentation is how the player learns the story and gets the major meat of it, a game that did this terribly was Skyrim. Most of the main quest information and plot points were given through dialogue windows and Journal entries, all that was ever played were the fighting sequences and those tedious long dialogue walks. (I despise those with a passion) However, if an RPG has a REALLY good story I will make an exception here since I will most likely be to deeply involved in the story to care. (Example: Planescape Torment)

In conclusion, long cutscenes with no interaction aren't the best design choice, player interactivity to introduce plot points, characters and devices is a good way to attach a player to your story.
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Re: Getting the Player Involved

Postby croxis » Fri Dec 13, 2013 5:59 pm

Long cutscenes are often seen in themepark games with a strong narrative component. Because there is no prescripted narrative component and the game is a player-driven sandbox goal setting there is no need for long cutscenes in trillek, or any at all for that matter (other than technical reasons, like to cover loading time for a new star system for example)
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Re: Getting the Player Involved

Postby Zardoz » Fri Dec 13, 2013 10:14 pm

If some one played "Blade : The edge of Darkness" (aka Severance: Blade of Darkness), I think that uses the cutscenes in a appropriate way to explain some details of the game plot and show situations in a map. Not too long, not too short.
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Re: Getting the Player Involved

Postby VladVP » Sun Dec 15, 2013 3:01 pm

Who says we need cutscenes? Just a short tutorial at the beginning of the game, and you're good to go! If the players want to know what happened in that alternative future, we could just encourage them to go to the galactic library... should be lots of stuff there!
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